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Post workout smoothie

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so after some morning workout, we need a bit of energy in our bodies to keep us going through the day. This delicious thick smoothie is perfect for that. It has a lot of antioxidants from the berries, good healthy fats from the avocado and peanut butter and lots of fibers from shia seeds, avocado and spinach. Also a good source of vitamin C! So yummy yummy


A handful of berries ( choose the ones you like the most)
A handful of spinach
A Half avocado
A tablespoon of shia seeds with top
A tablespoon of peanut-butter
A little bit of non-diary milk ( I like to use almond milk or homemade coconut milk)
A big teaspoon of Maca ( I will be posting much more information about this super food soon!)

I topped it with shredded coconut, but actually you can top it with anything you want like nuts, seeds, cacao nips or dried fruits.

Bon appétit!


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