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Eat a clean diet and discover your healthy self

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This might sound tough and harder than it’s said, but it really isn’t. Allow yourself to enjoy all the delicious food you want to and have fun with it, having 3 things in mind:

1. Eat clean food. Don’t buy processed food it’s full of toxins which is really bad for your health and may lead to some serious diseases, it also lacks many of its nutritions like vitamins and minerals. Instead buy organic and local grown food, it has more flavor in it and still got all its good nutrition’s conserved. If you eat meat, go for organic grass fed which isn’t treated with antibiotics and hormones, we don’t want that in our bodies. By buying local you do not only eat healthier but also support your local farmers!

2. Choose good healthy fats in your food. which are high in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, these are the healthy fats that our bodies really benefit from as they lower disease risk. Food high in good fats includes coconut oil ,flaxseed and olive oil, avocado, seeds, nuts and fish. Try to stay away from the bad fats; saturated and especially trans-fats which increase disease risk. These are found in red meat, butter, cheese and ice-cream as well as processed food made with trans-fat from partially hydrogenated oil.

3. Take your time to focus on your meals. I know this might be a tough one, especially if you live a fast paced life or maybe got long hours at work and can’t find the time to stand in a kitchen preparing food for hours. But trust me, prioritizing a little bit of that time on making healthy meals for yourself and your family that you easily can take with you to work or school, will prevent you from buying all the food that’s not benefiting you, and from snacking unhealthy things. Just have fun with it, try out new easy recipes and be creative. If you got kids, let them be involved with the cooking or the smoothie making, they will love it too!


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