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Quinoa and shia good morning porridge

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Good morning to you.

I woke up this morning craving for something sweet for breakfast, so I used my quinoa leftover from yesterdays dinner and mixed it with shia seeds and almond milk to create a tasty morning porridge, and kinda just topped it with whatever I had in my fruit bowl, today it was as simple as it gets; bananas and apples. One of the best food combinations that I like the most is def banana and peanut butter, So delicious!! So I added some peanut peanutbutter as well to give it this nutty taste on top of the sweetness. I try to get Omega3 oil everyday therefore I almost always put some linseed oil on top of my breakfast bowls or smoothies.


2 tablespoon Shia seeds

Quinoa leftovers

Almond milk

A teaspoon of Linseed oil

apple and banana


A teaspoon of Peanut butter 

Hope you like it!

Have a beautiful day.



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