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Simplicity at its best

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A plate full of rainbow colors! I love to decorate and having fun making my meals, and today I got inspired by the colors of the rainbow. So I went to my favorite farmers market on the plaza and bought some fresh asparagus, lemons, ripe tomatoes (which are full of antioxidants and a good source of vitamin A and C) to combine it with a sole filet and top it with pumpkin seeds, got to have my daily intake of omega3 🙂


A Sole filet

 A Lemon

A tomato

5/6 asparagus 

A little handful of pumpkin seeds

Some olive oil to fry the fish.

A bit of salt and pepper.

So delicious and yet so simple, full of proteins and other healthy nutrients!

Did you know that wild asparagus is used as a botanical medicine in Asia and India? This vegetable contains a type of phytonutrients called saponins. Saponins is known for its anti-inflammatory and anti- cancer properties, and their intake has also been associated with improved blood pressure and improved blood sugar regulation and better control on blood fat levels. It’s also full of vitamin K which plays an extremely important role in keeping calcium in our bones and it protects us from cardiovascular diseases. Other foods where vitamin k is found are in many dark leafy greens and in fermented foods.

Hope you enjoy it!

– Natalie


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