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Green anti-inflammatory detox smoothie

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It seems like february and march have somehow become the months where lots of people are on some form of cleanse or diet. If this is your case, good for you!I think it is always a good thing to go for a healthier self and discover natures goodness to feel fantastic. I thought I’d help out a little by share you a simple but lovely and filling green anti-inflamtory detox smoothie, that will help you feel energized and give you body some healthy goodness and nutrition.

The combination of spinach, celery, apple, lemon and goji berries, may sound a bit to green for someone’s taste but don’t worry, together these five ingredients create an amazing mirage of flavors with the apple and goji berries sweetening the green veggies.

A large glass of this in your mornings gives you a wonderful amount of healthy fibers from the spinach, apple and goji berries, a great source of vitamin C from the goji berries and celery and lemon, minerals such as iron from the spinach and goji berries and antioxidants from the berries and celery. Best thing is, celery and goji berries have highly anti-inflammatory benefits which help to prevent inflammatory reactions. I also added a little bit of one of my favorite super foods spirulina, which is high in plant-based protein and contains vitamin B,C,D and E and lots of minerals. ( I will be writing a lot more about this awesome super food!)


Two handful of spinach

An apple

A bit of lemon juice

A palm of gojies

One celery stalk

A tablespoon spirulina

flaxseed oil (optional, but a good thing to do to get the benefits of omega3)

Water to make it liquid or you can mix it with a bit of non-dairy milk.

Blend it all together, and buen provecho!

Have a beautiful day.



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