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_MG_0720One of my favorite rooms in my casita is my kitchen. It is here where I like to spend my days taking care of myself by making healthy and nutritious food, write on my blog, have dinners with family and friends or just enjoy a moment by myself while drinking a nice cup of tea and read a book. Yes my kitchen has become a multifunctional room, where I get

_MG_0727inspired by the pretty and small stories that has been created on my walls and shelves focusing on the details. The colors and shapes of the details around the room really makes me much more playful and creative when making food and preparing my dishes, and I have noticed that I tend to create plates that are somehow a reflection of what’s around me. I am sure that, when love and good vibes are put into beautiful things around you it creates positive energies which than affects your mood and health, _MG_0709this way you become much more efficient, creative and productive when working on what makes you happy.  Remember, every and each room around you affects how you feel, so get rid of things you don’t like or what  annoys you and replace it with simple things that makes you smile, wether it’s a cactus, funny pictures, inspirational words or even something nostalgic that brings back great memories



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