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Supreme green smoothie full of superfoods

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I have a new favorite that I am so excited to share with you! It must be one of the healthiest smoothies I have ever made and oh my, the taste is just so wonderfully sweet and the flavors are perfectly together. As you might know by now, I love using super foods in my meals everyday either mixed, blended or as a topping on anything I eat and this smoothie was no exception. In fact, I decided to go all in and use all the good stuff I had to create a super food green smoothie, that not only would give me tons of superpowers for the rest of the morning, but also a great antioxidant, fibre, vitamin and mineral boost. So here it comes, spirulina, cocoa powder, acai berry powder, goji berries, coconut water, almond milk, coconut oil, shia seeds and bee pollen all in one beautiful dark green colored smoothie. Every glass of this super mix is full of healthy omega3 fats, fibre calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin B, C, E and K, betacarotene, proteins and antioxidants. I will tell you much more about the health benefits of these great ingredients in my next blogpost which will be about the wonderful world of super foods.


One tablespoon spirulina

One tablespoon raw cocoa powder

One tablespoon acai berry powder

A little handful of goji berries

Half glass organic almond milk

Half glass organic coconut water

One tablespoon coconut oil

One tablespoon shia seeds

One tablespoon bee pollen ( for the topping)


Blend it al together into an amazing green colored smoothie serve and enjoy it.


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